Currently, we have very wonderful people joining and contributing to diverse areas of health and humanity projects. Follow the steps below and join our committed community today. You don’t need to be less busy before joining our community, there are lots of flexible ways to contribute to projects while maintaining your own schedules. You might even want to take a big break from some schedules to attain more fulfillment from reaching out to humanity. Becoming a donor is another great way to be part of our community. Members who are unable to make active contributions to projects but are dedicated to funding projects are also duly recognized and appreciated.


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Payment of MJA annual membership fees for existing members

The annual costs of membership are:

Category A: 100 cedis

Category B: 70 cedis

Category C: 60 cedis

The MJA requests that members pay their subscription by standing order each March. The relevant mobile money details are:

Medical Journalists Association


Through a standing order

You are in control of the standing order so will need to remember to cancel the standing order if you leave the MJA, the MJA can make no changes to this standing order on your behalf and cannot set this up for you.

Payment of MJA membership fees for new members

New members should only pay their subscription once they have been approved for membership by the membership secretary.  Please visit our membership page if  you have not yet joined in order to fill out the application form.  Once you have been approved as a member the membership secretary will inform you of the fee you are due to pay as there are discounts available for those joining later in the subscription year. The MJA prefers that you establish a standing order to make your annual payment. You can usually make a single payment on the date of establishing your standing order and then instruct the bank to make the annual payment each February (see bank details above that you will need to set up your standing order). The payment buttons below can only be used if you are due to pay the full amount for a year’s membership (you cannot pay discounted rates through these buttons).


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Membership of the MJA confers a wide range of benefits including opportunities to network, training and career development, access to useful resources, work opportunities, free entry to our summer and winter awards, discounts and other offers.