TELL IT MOMS- Zone 17 Holds Conference

Tell it moms, – an all women group that began as a social media group has held a conference in Koforidua to educate themselves on various issues of concern to mothers.

Speaking to the MJA, President of the Zone 17, Ohenenanayere obaapamimi Asare, which was created on 7th December, last year with 4 members, said, the Zone in Koforidua would be launched during the program.

She urged parents to be careful with how they place medicines in the home to reduce the risk of children mistakenly drinking same.

She urged women to join the organization to benefit from the various knowledge base of the various professionals in the group.

Speaking on Challenges in Marriage and how to overcome them, Lawyer (Mrs) Nana Gyankomah took time to educate the ladies on how to have peaceful marriages.

She revealed that, whatever men do during dating is repeated in marriage. “The problem is that, you think your man would change when you get married, what makes you think he would change?”

Touching on how women should respond to men who cheat in a way that would save their marriages and not ruin them further, “As a woman, you should learn to put your message across” she said.

Adding “Communication is key, the man is head of the house, submission is difficult, but you should learn to submit at all times, not sometimes.”

Lawyer Gyankomah stated that, in all situations, wives should respect their husbands.

“Don’t let issues overtake your responsibility, even when he is wrong, you have every reason to be angry, but there is a way to do it, if you don’t handle issues properly, you would destroy the evidence that you have”

She adviced participants present not to leave their homes to fight other women who they suspect are their husbands’ “sidechicks”

According to her, “when you do that, you have gone outside your jurisdiction”

Other topics treated at the gathering included “causes of Home Accidents and its prevention”

“Challenges in Marriage and how to overcome them”, “Healthy eating and how to prepare ‘quick’ healthy snacks” and “Substance abuse and its effects”