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Accra, Ghana 27th May, 2018 – The Medical Journalists’ Association – Ghana congratulates Dziwa Science and Technology Trust (DSaT) and African Agribusiness Network TV (ABN) on the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The MOU aims to provide a dedicated program to scientists and other experts to reach out and educate the ordinary people to appreciate the benefits of science in people’s lives.

Explaining scientific terms is complex and at times it is difficult for non-scientists to understand why science, technology and innovations should take a central role in the development of any country.

‘This is an urgent wake up call for scientists and researchers to take advantage of the platform to demystify science’. Says Wright Amesimeku, President, Medical Journalists’ Association – Ghana.

The great initiative championed by DSaT Trust is in the right direction because science communication should take a center stage in the growth of any country especially in Africa.  Today Africa is faced with extreme challenges in Agriculture, Environment, Health, Education and ICTs etc. Therefore, it is necessary for experts to communicate discoveries or predictions in simple language to the society for them to appreciate modern technologies.

The Medical Journalists’ Association -Ghana supports the creativity and will partner with DSaT to make contributions in science communication across Africa. We are therefore calling on other organizations that have similar goals and mission to come on board to roll out the initiative for enhanced outreach in Science, Technology and Innovations (STI).  The enhanced effective communications on dedicated platforms will provide opportunities to experts to break the jargon in STI for the benefit of the societies.




The Medical Journalists Association – Ghana is a registered non-profit making organization of medical and science journalists across in Ghana and across Africa with aim of promoting effective science and medical communication.  Currently, we are members with the World Federation of Science Journalists, African Science Journalists Association and Ghana Journalists Association.

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