Our Philosophy

Why the need for a Medical Journalism?

“In policy formulation, perception is more important than reality ……”

The above statement is even more important with regards to factual reporting. Reporting facts is one of the most boring activities in Journalism. Journalists therefore use tricks and schemes to make factual reporting interesting.

However , in trying to make a news piece interesting, how much of the actual facts are lost ? Making news interesting in a subject that a journalist is barely familiar with can lead to unintentional changing of facts and this makes such a news item dangerous. Most people in Ghana receive information through the media (both electronic and Print).

Once facts are not well reported in a news article, all readers and listeners that apply such news in their daily lives suffer the consequences. This is very true of health related news. How well do journalists know the medical conditions that they report on? How do people apply health information reported through the media in their personal lives. Are their perceptions of medical conditions equal to the reality of such conditions ? if no, then was it due to inaccurate reporting?

Should we trust every news information we receive concerning our health? Is there any organization that can confirm or debunk most of the medical advertisements seen in our media? These and many questions is the reason why a medical journalists association is important.

To protect the health of our nation, we must regulate the reporting of factual health data to ensure 100% accuracy.

Who better to tackle such tasks than medical practitioners themselves? Working with journalists across board, with an open mind and desire for a healthy world, our only goal is to keep facts constants in all health related news reports.

MJA-G Team